Recrutico, we can find the talent you need!

Recrutico is a locally owned recruitment agency. We provide recruitment solutions, and unparalleled reach into the market. We source candidates from a variety of areas. We understand how to refine our marketing to tap into relevant target groups of candidates. This is a key honed over years of experience and one that is absent from many recruitment agencies that suffer from high consultant turnover.

Our clients look to us for a high level of quality in their niche markets and special projects. We continue to excel in the personnel industry by being personally involved in knowing what the client wants and what the applicant can offer in order to create the right fit for both.

Each Recrutico applicant is qualified through a personal interview, a skills evaluation, a criminal background check and reference check. Through the interviewing process, our trained consultants are able to identify more than just an applicant’s technical abilities. We seek to understand our applicants’ goals and desires and what type of work environment will enhance their productivity and maintain a high level of satisfaction with their job. We learn about their personalities and what motivates them. We then match them with a company that can provide that optimal environment. The company and the applicant are both winners!

If you would like Recrutico to look for the best candidate, be sure to get in touch with one of our consultants for additional information.